Parliament Excursion

Year 5 Paliament House and
Old Melbourne Gaol

As part of the Year 5 Inquiry Unit in Term 4, our classes recently visited Parliament House and the Old Melbourne Gaol. The children took part in tours conducted by experienced tour guides.

At parliament, the children were encouraged to participate in role plays which teach how the Parliament of Victoria:
·         makes laws
·         provides representative democracy for Victorians
·         has a rich and colourful history

The Old Magistrates Court sits on the original Supreme Court of Victoria where Ned Kelly was found guilty of murder by Sir Redmond Barry in 1880. This significant heritage building offers students an engaging and revealing insight into past and contemporary legal process. The children participate and run their own courtroom drama of ‘The Kelly’s v the Court’ case.

They then follow the fate of Ned Kelly to the Old Melbourne Gaol and the gallows where he was hanged thirteen days after his guilty verdict. The gaol offers a graphic immersion into a dark world of crime and justice and punishment from the past. The children were fascinated by the exhibits and stories told as they experienced firsthand the ‘comforts’ of the tiny cells.
Thank you to the parents who attended on the day.

Year 5 Team.

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