What's on in Term 4?

What’s On In Year 5
Term Four 2017?

Term 4 in Year 5 will yet again be a very busy and exciting time for all.  Our Inquiry Unit is entitled “Your Vote Counts”. Students will study and build an understanding of Federation, how laws are made and passed in Australia and the various roles held within the Australian Government. There will be an incursion to Parliament House and the Old Melbourne Gaol on Monday October 30th.

A variety of writing genres will be focused on for Term 4, including re-visiting persuasive and explanatory texts. Students will lead their own Class Parliament where they will take on ministerial roles and produce briefs to present when their “House” is in session. This will also enable them to continue to work on and develop their oral, listening and debating skills.  Parents will be invited to view their child’s class parliament session as the term draws to a close.

Our Literacy program will incorporate sessions focusing on SMART spelling, sentence structure, paragraphing, comprehension tasks and fluency skills. The CAFE reading program in Grade 5 will continue to run with a focus on new reading strategies each week. We will also introduce the students to reading circles and accompanying activities which are an integral part of the Year 6 program.
The Maths program will continue to extend the understanding of the four main processes and a review of key areas. Students will continue revising and building on their knowledge of problem solving strategies.

This term the students will be undertaking the intensive 8-day swimming program commencing on Wednesday 8th November and ending on Friday November 17th. The Inter-House Swimming Carnival will be held on Tuesday December 12th.

Year 5 students participate in an 8 week leadership program aimed at giving students skills for public speaking situations and helping build confidence in regards to holding positions of responsibility in Year 6.

To celebrate the end of Year 5 2017 all students will attend a
Movie Day. More details will be sent home later in the term.

We look forward to a fantastic Term 4 and having your continued support of the programs and activities in the last term of Year 5!

Year 5 Team 2017: Christine, Aviva, Nancy and Muireann 


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