Term 3 Excursion

Victorian Space Science
Education Centre

This term, all Year 5 classes visited the VSSEC  at Strathmore Secondary College to take part in ‘An Expedition to MARS and Serious Science Sessions’.

Two workshops simulated a research station on the planet Mars and Mission Control. The students were fitted out with flight suits on arrival. As astronauts they completed hands-on science experiments and communicated their results to Mission control using sophisticated computer technology. Excitement was heightened when a mission-ending problem arose!
Students also participated in sessions covering static electricity and electric circuits, building fundamental electric circuits and creating ‘Dancing Alien Robots’.
The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre. We would like to thank the parents who accompanied the groups. Without their contribution, excursions such as these, would not be possible.

Year 5 Team.

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