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What's on in Term 4?

What’s On In Year 5 Term Four 2017?
Term 4 in Year 5 will yet again be a very busy and exciting time for all.  Our Inquiry Unit is entitled “Your Vote Counts”. Students will study and build an understanding of Federation, how laws are made and passed in Australia and the various roles held within the Australian Government. There will be an incursion to Parliament House and the Old Melbourne Gaol on Monday October 30th.
A variety of writing genres will be focused on for Term 4, including re-visiting persuasive and explanatory texts. Students will lead their own Class Parliament where they will take on ministerial roles and produce briefs to present when their “House” is in session. This will also enable them to continue to work on and develop their oral, listening and debating skills.  Parents will be invited to view their child’s class parliament session as the term draws to a close.
Our Literacy program will incorporate sessions focusing on SMART spelling, sentence structure, paragraphin…

Year 5 Earn & Learn 2017

Yr 5 Earn and Learn 

Term 3 has been busy and full of excitement. As we move into the final weeks, our students (budding entrepreneurs) are frantically working overtime to replenish their businesses for ‘Earn and Learn’.
Unique, hand-made products adorn the tables in each Year 5 room, in preparation for another day of trading.  

‘Earn and Learn’ is a financial awareness program where students initially earn a salary for classroom work or PoR’s (positions of responsibility) they complete. They pay tax, make weekly rent and electricity payments for their seat and business, take out insurance policies against absence, contribute to superannuation and make resource purchases.
They organise their finances, completing individual and business pay advices after each day of trade.
Students work together in pairs to manage, advertise and operate their businesses. It has proven to be a popular program amongst the whole school community with many of our junior school classes booking into shopping se…

Term 3 Excursion

Victorian Space Science Education Centre
This term, all Year 5 classes visited the VSSEC  at Strathmore Secondary College to take part in ‘An Expedition to MARS and Serious Science Sessions’.
Two workshops simulated a research station on the planet Mars and Mission Control. The students were fitted out with flight suits on arrival. As astronauts they completed hands-on science experiments and communicated their results to Mission control using sophisticated computer technology. Excitement was heightened when a mission-ending problem arose! Students also participated in sessions covering static electricity and electric circuits, building fundamental electric circuits and creating ‘Dancing Alien Robots’. The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Victorian Space Science Education Centre. We would like to thank the parents who accompanied the groups. Without their contribution, excursions such as these, would not be possible.
Year 5 Team.