Term 3

Whats On In Year 5

Term 3, 2017

Term Three in Year 5 will be another busy and exciting time for all. The Inquiry Unit of work throughout the term is “Our Place in Space”. Our study of the solar system will include the order of planets, constellations, day and night, gravity and many other space phenomena. The unit will focus heavily on scientific thinking. Tasks will include group projects, research and multiple intelligence activities.

Our major writing focus for Term 3 will be recounts and poetry. Formal whole class sessions will focus on a variety of SMART spelling and grammar rules. CAFE Reading will continue throughout the year. Please encourage your child to read at home each night for around twenty minutes and discuss their reading goal with them.

During maths clinics this term, we will be concentrating on fractions and decimals, multiplication and division and a range of strategies to solve worded math problems. In class, we will continue our work on direction, volume and capacity, 2D and 3D shapes.

We are excited to welcome back “Science Workshops” as part of ‘Our Place in Space’ program. This is taking place at the end of July. In late August and early September we will be spending a day at the ‘Victorian Space Science Education Centre’, Strathmore College. Each class will attend two sessions, one on the ‘Mars Base Program’ and a second on ‘Serious Science’.

We will be kept very busy this term getting our ‘Earn and Learn’ businesses up and running, putting our maths into practice, as the children learn to set up and keep their business viable.

Looking forward to another fantastic term in Year 5,

Year 5 Team: Aviva, Muireann, Nancy and Christine.

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