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Anti-Bully Program


This term, Year 5 classes are participating in a series of three ‘Project Rockit’ Anti-Bullying Workshops.
The workshops delve into developing and displaying empathy, self-awareness, building confidence and providing a literacy around what is and isn't bullying. Through a heightened sense of self and social awareness the leaders aim to empower the students to identify and subsequently tackle future encounters with bullying. It also provides students with REAL strategies to dothis.
After session 1 many of our students expressed positive feedback about the interactive workshop.
The Yr 5 Team.


Natural Disasters On 27/4/2017, we had an incursion with a geologist called Steph and we learned about natural disasters. Some of the disasters we were focusing on included cyclones, floods, bushfires, earthquakes and a little on tsunamis. Steph showed us three experiments to show how some of these work. The first experiment we did was about a volcano eruption. We had baking soda in a bottle and some vinegar in a smaller one. We poured the vinegar into the bottle of baking soda. The mixture shot up as if the volcano had erupted.
The second activity we did was about earthquakes. Steph had built three types of models showing how fault lines move apart, push together or slide which demonstrated how earthquakes occur. We built little houses on the models to see if they could survive the different types of earthquakes. In the end, only one group’s house survived. The third and final activity we did was about floods. We had a container with some pebbles, sponges and plastic animals. We also had…