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Term 2

What’s on in Term 2 Year five  2017

Term Two in Year 5 will be another action-packed term. The inquiry unit of work this term is entitled “Natural Disasters”. Students will learn how to identify and categorise natural disasters both within Australia and worldwide. They will be able to explain the causes and effects of natural disasters and the ways in which people can prepare for these events. An incursion on the 26th and 27th April has been planned where all Grade 5 students will have an opportunity to do hands-on activities relating to our inquiry unit. This will be a fantastic educational experience as our presenter Steph, is exceptional.
Our major writing focus for Term Two will be persuasive texts, narratives, and information report writing. Students will continue to cover skills in punctuation, word study, proof reading, and editing. Formal whole class sessions will also focus on a variety of spelling and grammar rules in conjunction with reading comprehension skills. We will also …

Bike Ed

Congratulations to the 90+ Year 5 students on the successful completion of their Bike Education Week.
The program involves a mix of practical activities conducted off-road (in the school grounds) and on-road (on local roads) together with classroom activities.

Bike Ed inspires children to develop their bicycle riding skills and their physical capability. Other benefits include enhanced health, fitness and wellbeing, confidence and independence and learning and social development. The final activity for the week is a ride from school to Gasworks Arts Park, Albert Park. A total of 24kms there and back through local streets and along the coastal bike path to a barbeque lunch.
The children under the guidance of their teachers and parents put into practise their newly acquired knowledge of the ‘road traffic environment’. They negotiate traffic light crossings, roundabouts and busy intersections. No mean feat for a group of over 90 kids!!
Thank you to Elise Weiss for org…